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Tuesday – Thursday Club Ride – 8:00 am

Santa Barbara Dolphin Fountain 35+ mile loop to Rincon.  Depending upon how the local egos are feeling on a particular day, the pace can be anywhere from a piano cruise at 18mph to a blazing 30+ mph. But a great training ride nonetheless. [Details Here]

Saturday –  Echelon Ride – 8:30 am

We have a ride at 8:30 am meeting at the Vieja Valley School parking lot at 434 Nogal Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, show up 5 minutes late and you may be chasin’.  The ride is an intermediate ride (35 to 40 mi., about 2 to 2 1/2 hours).  The average speed for the ride are typical for reasonable fit serious recreational riders but, there are designated regrouping stops for the rides announced before the ride start.  We have an “A” ride for the faster riders and we have a “B” ride for people who want a more casual pace or are new cyclists and want to learn how to group ride. [Details Here]

Saturday –  Santa Barbara Triathlon Club 7:00 A.M. Ride

This ride meets at the Cabrillo Bathhouse at and leaves 7AM! Generally a 35-70 miles moderate to speed. There is a re-group at the bottom of Gubenador and Hwy 150. Options from this poit are; Head back to SB, do 1 or 2 climbs or head ‘around the lake’. Great group tri-geek (read aerobars welcome) friendly. Usually some thing like this… {stava route} 

Sunday (Worlds) Club Ride – 9:00 am

East Beach Bathhouse: Same as the Tuesday Thursday rid – 35+ mile loop to Rincon. The start is usually late by a few minutes but the pace more than makes up for it. The pack is heavy with the town’s elite racers. Also sometimes referred to as the Sunday World Championships by the locals.