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Here is a list of some of our key services. We do much more, but these are most common.


Tune Up Special
A tasty value for your bike: Adjustment of brakes, deraillieurs, shifters, hubs, headsets & bottom bracket. Wheels trued and checked over.

Drive Train Overhaul
A clean bike is a happy bike! the drive-train (chain, gears,deraillieurs, crankset) is removed, scrubbed in our secret sauce, reinstalled and lubed to perfection. Combine with No.1 for ultimate satisfaction [extra fee involved].

Complete Overhaul
Your Bike will be like new again! We will completely disassemble all parts on your bike, clean, rebuild and reassemble them. Functionally, you will have a brand new bike! You'll be amazed at how it rides after this.

Custom Wheel Build
A completely hand built with custom lacing pattern. Your choice of rims, hubs, spokes, nipples. Our custom wheels are guaranteed for 1 year! You will not find a better built wheel anywhere on earth!

Personalized Bike Fit | varies
Triathlon, road or mountain, this service will make you more efficient and comfortable on your bike. Includes body measurement, calculations to determine correct frame/body dimensions and setting up the best position for your type of riding. *There is no "one program fits all" fit system. We will use our measurements, calculations and experience. Most importantly, you will give us your input. How do you ride, do you have any physical limitations, what is now uncomfortable/comfortable on your bike, etc. This will give us the base from which we will build. This is not a one shot program, as we will work together to get you fit correctly. Schedule a bike fit today!

Guru Bike Fitting at Hazard's Cyclesport