Sitero Saddle

Sit AeroThe Sitero Saddle, a Tri Specific saddle from Specialized is here!

In the aero position, you shift your weight forward on the saddle. The Sitero incorporates a sit zone that provides support on the riders bone structure in the aero position.


Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs…. Great fruit flavor, low in calories and high in electrolytes. When the pro riders didn’t like or couldn’t digest their sponsors energy drink mixes, they turned to the best kept secret in sports—Dr. Allen Lim and his Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix. Formerly referred to as the “Secret Drink Mix” the highly digestible and palatable…



From the founders of SOAS– “We were next door neighbors who bonded over a love of triathlon. And with all the miles and hours put into training, we came to question the status quo with what clothing was currently offered to women endurance athletes. Such as…   Why are our clothes tight where we are most…

Hazard's Cyclesport Gift Card

The Perfect Gift

Do you need The Perfect Gift for a  cyclist? A Gift Certificate is always great, but goodies are best! ***IDEAS- Some suggestions for the cyclist in your life….. The Multisport Athlete: Hazards Water Bottle Long Stem Tubes CO2 Cartridges/Kits Seat Bag/Top Tube Bag (Bento Bako) Body Glide Swim Accessories: Goggles, Shampoo, Caps Nutrition: Gels, Bars,…

Polar RCX5 In Depth Review

Looking for a new HRM? At a glance For endurance athletes who want precise coaching to perfect their training. ZoneOptimizer coaches you to train at the right intensity Sport profiles guarantee a swift switch between different sports Improves performance with endurance training programs, downloadable from with the Polar DataLink Provides heart rate even in…